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CNC Machine Work

Custom 1710 End Yoke

  • Driveshaft weld yokes (billet, aluminium, or steel, for racing, custom or heavy duty applications)
  • End yokes (Plain bore and splined)
  • Flange yokes (conversions and standard)
  • Stubs (standard spline and odd splines)
  • Flywheels (automotive, off-road, marine and industrial)
  • Driveshaft adapter plates, couplings, and fittings
  • Conversion and/or modification of existing driveshaft components to suit different applications
  • Billet steel or aluminium weld yokes, end yokes, flanges, adapters and fittings made to order. This means you order the part in sizes you want for your job and we deliver. 
  • Internal and external spline cutting available. One-off jobs are a speciality.

Our custom heavy-duty drive shaft components allow greater service life and strength. As horsepower and torque ratings increase, standard components are pushed to the limit. Our tough reliable and cost effective components make the difference, lasting longer and delivering satisfaction. Is your machinery under stress? We can supply custom parts for your needs. When you need a tough problem solved, see us.