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Industrial Balancing


Balancing services for all industries are available 24-hours a day, if needed. With both soft and hard-bearing machines available, a wide range of rotors can be balanced.

Rotor dimensions from 1 Kg to 4500 Kg and approximately 2.4 metres in diameter by 6 metres in length can be balanced, with all balancing work meeting the world-wide requirement of ISO 1940/1.

Each balance job is issued with a balance certificate indicating the amount of imbalance before and after balancing. All balance records are kept on file for future reference.

Rotors requiring special compensating practices can be accommodated with milling, lathing, riveting, welding and specialist epoxy-type coatings available.

Automotive engines, in all configurations, can be balanced to grade 2.5, thereby exceeding and improving the manufacturers original specifications, and delivering to you the power boost and performance you need.

Specialist balancing advice is available, when needed.